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Real Estate

Spring is just around the corner, so whether you're thinking of putting your home on the market or planning to buy a home, right now is really the prime time to get started.

Not sure where to begin? With the internet and websites like, you can explore numerous articles about home buying and selling. You can research communities and discover what kind of home may be best for you. You can also contact me and I can help you get started on the immediate tasks at hand.

For home sellers in particular, there is much to prepare for and I can help you prioritize and put a successful plan in place. A strategic sales and marketing plan is essential to engage active buyers. That plan should include an effective pricing strategy, home presentation suggestions, and a comprehensive approach to online marketing.

I will provide you with a competitive market analysis that includes a review of current inventory, recent comparable sales prices and other data to advise you. You can also look to the data here to review current market conditions in your area. In addition, I can guide you on how to prepare your home for maximum appeal and ensure your property is featured on the leading real estate websites and portals in the industry.

There is plenty for homebuyers to do as well. Obtaining financing will be a major priority. With limited inventory on the market, those who come to the negotiating table pre-approved and ready to make an offer, will have stronger bargaining power.

I can walk you step-by-step through the home buying process, and help you identify homes for sale and in the right price range. I can also help you research the markets you are interested in, negotiate the asking price, assist with writing contracts, and guide you throughout closing day.

I greatly look forward to the spring selling season and ensuring that all of my clients have an effective plan in place to achieve their real estate goals.

If you're thinking about buying or selling a home, now is the time to contact me. or 267-243-6434